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Liz has received endorsements for her work in:

Speaking Engagements
Service Minded

From the following people.....

Tammy McDonald--Certified Ordained Chaplain, Lfe Coach
Pearland, Texas

James Bars--Retired Christian Counselor, Faith and
Health Coach
Cove, Oregon

Tim Jacobs--Editor, Proofreader, Ghost Writer, 
Writing Coach
Fort Myers, Florida

To schedule an interview with Liz or to have Liz speak to your 
group, e-mail her at or call 651-764-5181
Featured Book:
-Her Own World
-"You Can Have It Back"

Sectarian and the Terra
continue looking at each other
from across the way with stranger's sight
Curious onlookers step over the dividing line
between their two worlds
Will the silence of the Desert's Throat be lifted?
Those  parts of the Terra that come into their circle 
are made welcome
They people watch and are shown the ways of the 
The People Watchers of the Terra hearing what is 
said, appear to listen with depth, what the Sectarians
have learned
People Watchers eyes glaze over as they read about 
the Sectarians.....An indications of their indifference toward 
that part of the world
The bridge the sectarians hope to build between the two worlds
is left unconstructed as the People Watchers hand them back their
inheritance saying
"You can have it back."
Excerpt from
Her Own World
Copyright 2010

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