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What Readers Say.....
Liz has received endorsements for her work in:

Event Planning 
Spoken Word

From the following people.....

Vanessa Hazelton--Cape Coral, FL
Master Gardner

Cathy Gould--Financial Director
Red Wing, Mn

Thea Ennen--Musician
River Falls, Wisconsin

To schedule an interview with Liz or to have Liz speak to your 
group, e-mail her at or call 651-764-5181
Featured Book:
-Many Hands
-You Don't Have To Be Blood

It courses through our veins,
It sustains us,
It is thicker than water
Ties us in relations to each other
many times over,
It binds us together in a way
that few can explain,
When it finds itself a strong connection,
it can change a heart

Excerpt from
Many Hands
Copyright 2006

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