The Importance of Honesty Part 1
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The Importance of Honesty Part 1

And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you 
free." John 8:32

Life Question: How Important Is Honesty?

April 30, Honesty Day has passed me by. So while I'm on the subject,
I will be honest and tell those viewing this blog and site, that I've had 
some health setbacks which is why the first of this Honesty series was 
In the first part of this series lets address how we start on the path to 
honesty. We start by asking God....why you ask? He is, always has been
and will always be the bringer and bearer of the truth, he knows the value
of discernment that speaks the truth and he has no fear in 
speaking the truth.
Let's start with God being the bearer of truth. Being the bearer of truth is,
and always has been hard for us humans, we sugar coat it, we shade it,
we cover it as not to hurt or offend people. In Jesus' time, he did not
concern himself with such matters, Jesus told the truth to all those he met 
wherever he went. He did not sugar coat anything. As a matter of fact, he 
delights in those who are willing to speak it in his name. 
That's not to say there weren't doubters among him of his power, there were
MANY! Even some of his own followers like Thomas who weren't altogether
sure and needed proof, Peter who walked on water toward God, when God
encouraged him to join him on the water. As Peter was walking however, he 
started losing faith in the fact the God indeed, had his back THE WHOLE TIME! 
And he started going under. Peter wasn't honest with himself in that God had
him in his care. 
So what do these examples tell us about honesty? it tells us that digging into 
God's Word is where we begin our journey in being honest. Being honest with 
God, with others and also ourselves. 
Not many people appreciate my honesty, primarily because I will tell it
like it is, so if you really want to know something, don't ask me!heeheehee
All kidding aside, I'd much rather be upfront than not. because it lets people
know where I stand, it shows them I mean what say and respect them enough
to say it.
That's what a relationship of any kind should be built on. Genuine, straightforward
honesty....not anything less. That's not to say that the truth, doesn't hurt, sometimes
it will, but the pain of truth is far less than that of the lie told in it's place.
God was the first truth bearer. We have been entrusted to carry it on, therefore, 
we must carry it forth to all. We need to hear it, speak it, write it on our hearts and
bring others into it's Light! God is the Light and the Truth! Go spread his Light to 
those who are in darkness! AMEN!

Liz Ciccone

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