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A Time Of Sacrifice

Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord  and Savior

Jesus Christ. To him be the glory both now and forever.

2 Peter 3:18



As we Christians enter into the Lenten season, some of us will give up our electronics, some of us will give up fast food, others of us will stop eating out. All good examples of sacrifice. I chose a different way to go for Lent this year.....I chose to take this time of Lent to detoxify my body from all the wrong things I've been eating, to cut out the television I watch in the mornings and take the time that I would watch television in the morning and use that time for exercise, meditation and prayer.

I am the worst chocoholic! So I have decided to give up chocolate and all meat and replacing it instead with veggies, fruit and seafood.

I've placed to much emphasis on eating and less time with my Father. For me, my Lenten journey will be about getting closer to my Heavenly Father and growing more in my relationship with him.

This year's Lenten journey for me, is one I am looking at with new eyes. This Lenten journey for me is about seeing my temple the way God sees it, it's about giving up those things that hinder my progress in the goals I set for myself in order to build a closer, more intimate relationship with my Father so that I will do those things that bring glory to His Kingdom.

When we sacrifice for Him, we grow in Him.   Blessings, Liz Ciccone



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