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Bereavement Leave

Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. Matthew 5:4

Life Question: What Happens When We Are Called Home?

I am sorry for my absence these last couple of months. No! I

didn't fall off the face of the earth! My very best and "adopted" sister


and I took a bereavement leave so I could have time to take things all in,

absorb them, mourn and adjust to life without her.

She was an extraordinary woman. Though not a church-goer(though she

did attend once with me at my church when I delivered the scripture on

Christmas Eve)she was a very spiritual person. Holly loved the Lord and we

had many and endless conversations about our love and relationship with


She lived as an example of His teachings everyday. She by its very definition was

a free-spirit. She loved all even if some did not love her in return, she accepted

all even if people sat in judgment of her. Holly was a woman who always had a

smile for all she came in contact with, even in her declining health.

What does any of this have to do with the above question?? I'm getting to it!

Keep your pants on!

A couple of months before she passed, her and I were talking about a

visitation she had from her father who died awhile back and how he

come to her and patted her on the head, as if to say, "Hi there! I love you!"

and how that meant so much to her because her and her father weren't

always on good terms.

Holly said to me, "I believe it was my father, I know it was! Because I know

that we have a home with God!" To which I wholeheartedly agreed and

read to her the following poem:

Not The Soul

The time has come to go Home,

The body is gone

Not the soul

Loved ones weep

A part of them had to go,

Only their body,

Not their soul



Share memories

In your heart,

They will always be

God has a plan

For when we are called Home

Are bodies are left behind

Not our souls

After reading this passage and crying together, we confirmed for

ourselves that it IS true! We may be separated by distance with our

loved ones, but no one and nothing can stop us from plunking a chair

down in front of us and talking with our loved ones(there's a story of a man doing this with God that was read to us in the church group I belong to) whenever we start to

We can do this with God too! And no roaming charges to worry about! SOUND CRAZY?? God listens to us when we talk and pray to him, so what makes us think our loved ones aren't listening?? Whether it is God you want to talk to, or your loved

one, grab a chair, sit it across from you and pour out your heart to them both! Your connection with them is always there, because the connection you have with God and our loved ones is LOVE.....and that connection can never be broken.


Liz Ciccone

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