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Centering Prayer

Whoever listens to me will live in safety and be at ease without fear of harm. Proverbs 1:33



Life Question: What does it mean to surrender ourselves to God?




As most of you who visit Soul Conversations website may know, I belong to

a Centering Prayer group. So what exactly is Centering Prayer? Centering

Prayer is a method of entering into God's presence and at the same time,

allowing the Holy Spirit to indwell within us.

Centering prayer begins with choosing a sacred word. The use of this word

helps those who engage in Centering Prayer to refocus their attention when

a thought comes into one's mind that causes us to stray from communing

with our Lord and Savior. During the time of Centering Prayer(20 minutes)

your mind will wander at times. That's natural. The goal during this time, is

to let go of the thought and let it drift away, focusing the attention back to

our Lord and Savior and listening for His voice and feeling His presence in

that moment.

When engaged in this practice myself, I have experienced twitching of my arms

and even my legs will experience this as well. It's the evacuation of the tension

and stress leaving the body that occurs when engaged in Centering Prayer.

It's been a wonderful part of my faith walk to be a part of this group. This method

of prayer has added much to my focus, direction and given me a sense of calmness

that I haven't had for a long time. At those times when my schedule has gotten booked

and Center Prayer at home is not able to be done, the difference is immediately

noticeable. Focus and direction is thrown off and my calmness is replaced with

tension and stress once again.

The most important thing I've taken away from Centering Prayer is that God wants us

to talk with Him, to engage spiritual intimacy with Him, He wants us to learn from Him

and take what we learn from Him and apply it to our lives today. Centering Prayer is

a way of communicating with our Lord and Savior so that He can impart His knowledge

and wisdom so we can live the life He has planned and purposed for us.

So take a seat in a comfortable chair, sit in quietness, pick a sacred word to use as

your way to help you let go of unwanted thoughts and allow for the presence of God

to surround you and the Holy Spirit to indwell within you!



Liz Ciccone


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