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Excerpt From 'Inspirit' Copyright 2008

Excerpt From 'Inspirit' Copyright 2008

Logic In This

Grief and Perception continued to hold 

Separated Soul's attention,

That is, until Logic and Belief stepped on the path

made of her scars,

Pain, sorrow, loss imploded as she finally allowed

herself to do what she had avoided for so long 

to do.....feel

Her beloved stood before her looking into her 

tear-filled eyes

Grief slowly vanished from sight, finally being 

allowed to become part of her being

Her beloved brought out the strength he knew

she had, to see what Belief and Logic were being 

shown already.....

A life together through God

And even though she had a brief look at Heaven

with Kindred Spirit before,

She would be left without words at the miracles

from God to come when she looked into the eyes

of Belief and Kindred Spirit

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