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Excerpt From 'The Sleeping Soul' Copyright 2006

The Spiritual Death

The body dies in so many ways,

its absence is mourned, them remembered

The kind of death that's visited 

The Sleeping Soul,

Is one that for a long while,

Came to stay

It embraced her with its frigid arms,

killing her slowly on the inside

The death of her spirit

Her guide and his helper,

Angel and loved ones gather around

Her angel cries as he holds her,

Others pray for her 

They try to catch her life force,

It's too much for their hands 

Their voices ring out

Begging for her to open her eyes

They miss her,

She misses them

Her guide is everyone's foundation

He sends encouragement to her soul

Held her hand, 

Called her name

She felt her life force slip away at times

Mostly though,

She felt nothing 

All those around her continue to pray

Heaven begins to prepare her robe.

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