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Freedom Is Not Free(Based on Galatians 5:16&! Peter 2:16)

Life Question: In what way should we use our freedom

with respect to each other?

Independence. We celebrate it(as we did yesterday), we

can't wait to grow up and achieve it, we value it in our 

ability to think and live independently. 

Our servicemen and women continue to defend our freedoms

today, as well as that of others who are oppressed around the

world.  People who live in restricted and hostile nations continue

to fight for their freedoms to worship openly, to have a voice for

their concerns and to share what they are passionate about

in their lives. 

Freedom is not free however, when there are oppressors and 

suppressors in this world who use their own freedom to deprive 

their people their right to speak for themselves, express themselves

through their talents and abilities and commit evil against their 

own, then covering it up afterwards. 

Our freedom it not free. We were given freedom through the death

of Christ for our sins. Yet, there are those who still don't full grasp 

what that means and entails. We have true freedom when we 

walk in the Spirit and not give it to fleshly or worldly desires. We 

have freedom when we commit to serving our Lord and Savior

Jesus Christ and putting his Truth out into the world without fear,

without shame and without worry of what others will say to us.

By freeing ourselves of the bondage of what the world thinks 

of what we should or should not do, and instead focus our thoughts

on what our Lords and Savior knows we need to do, we will have a 

freedom that is beyond anything that the world can promise us with 

only its words. Happy July 4th! May this message be a blessing to all

who read it.


Liz Ciccone

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