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Happy Valentines Day

No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us.



Hearts, flowers, candy....that's a few things you think of when you want to show your love to someone. The love I'm talking about tonight as I write this blog, is love that has nothing to do with flowers, candy, fancy dinners out to celebrate or romantic, mushy cards you send to your sweetheart.

The kind of love I am talking about has nothing to do with the physical world, it's to do with the love that exists even beyond our hearts. It's a spiritual love, a love that only God puts in your hearts for one another, a love that only those who feel it can undstand that connects two souls together by God's spirit and power in a way that not only connects two souls to each other, but to God in a way that can never be broken.

When I was 18, I lost my beloved to suicide. He was so broken in heart, mind and soul that God called him Home. We grew up three blocks away from each other and were a year apart in age. We did everything together and were inseparable. To everyone, me included, he seemed to be doing well. The reality was, he was suffering from severe depression. Anyone who has suffered from that kind of depression, knows how horribly emotionally draining it is for those who suffer from it. In the end, despite his attempts to get help, depression won. As broken as he was when he died, is how broken I was when I learned he has passed.

I didn't just lose a loved one, I lost a huge part of my heart and my soul. One day, in the deepest part of my grief, something miraculous happened. My beloved came in a dream and we talked that night. He has done that with me off and on ever since. Love as God reminded me that night, is not something that dies when we leave this world, it's what binds us together in an even deeper way that only God himself can explain to us! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE!

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