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Heirs With Christ

He predestined us for adoption as sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of his will, Ephesians 1:5

Life Question: If You Were Given Everything You Ever Desired, Where Would You

Put It?

Yesterday, I had the duty of delivering the Word of God(Bible scripture)to the

congregation about being 'Heirs with Christ'. This scripture doesn't talk about, or

address inheriting grandma's silver, mom's jewelry, dad's antique automobile(nice

as those things may be)this scripture is talking about being a slave to the desires

of the world, or being an heir to the kingdom of God and all His promises.

For those of us who follow Jesus, we know what our inheritance will be:

*Eternal Life

*Sitting at the feet of Jesus whenever we want for as long as we want.

*Experiencing constant, never ending joy, being reunited with our loved

ones who went before us and having them share with us the joy they've

experience in His presence.

*Sharing in Heaven's music.

*Walking with the Father.

*Talking with the angels charged with bringing us home.

*Never again experiencing pain, agony, fear or hurt again.

Then there is the flipside of the inheritance we get from our earthly desires:

*Putting a higher value on acquiring and owning many things.

*Sacrificing what God wants us to be, in order to be a slave to what others

think we need to be to "fit in".

*Living in bondage of addictions of all sorts, and struggling to make it from

one day to the next.

*Losing sight of God's purpose for us because we choose to trust in the things

we can see, feel and touch with our hands instead of trusting in the eternal

promises only God can give us.

*We find out who our real friends really are when we have hit bottom.

*We find out who supports us and who doesn't when we have finally

decided to turn our lives over to God and say to him, "I can't live like

this anymore. PLEASE HELP ME!!!"

God knows what we need, even before we ask it of him. He knows when we are

scared, starving, depressed, lonely, angry and the list goes on.....the world can

give us its tools that will help to a certain extent, but it is only God through His Son

Jesus Christ, that can carry us through the toughest times in our lives and afterward

leave us completely transformed! What human among us can make that claim?

If you do not yet know the love of Jesus read Ephesians 2: 4-5, if you do not yet know

for us read Matthew 6:31-32 and if you do not yet have a relationship with God

read Leviticus 26:12.

All of what you, me or anyone you may know who needs God in their lives right now, right this minute, read these verses for yourself or for them. God loves you,

wants the best for you and that's why He left for us(all of us)His Word so that we

can live and walk among Him as His children when he calls our name. That His

inheritance for you take it or lay it aside?

Stay well and be blessed!


Liz Ciccone

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