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History of the Candy Cane

He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, so that we might die

to sins and live for righteousness; by his stripes we are healed. 1 Peter 2:24

Life Question: How can we use the candy cane to share our faith with each other

this holiday season?

Every Christmas season we see them all over in the stores, in business offices, we have

them in our homes or are hanging on the Christmas tree. But.....what's the story behind

this simple holiday candy?? 

The story, as it was told to us at my church was quite eye opening to me and made

me think twice about this holiday staple. As it was told, a candy maker from Indiana

wanted to make a candy that would remind us of the REAL AND TRUE meaning of

Christmas. This man of true faith to our Savior made a hard candy stick of pure white

to symbolize the Virgin birth and the sinless nature of Jesus Christ and on the Solid Rock

of His promises on which we stand.

Progressing further into his work, he formed the candy into a "J" to represent the name of

Jesus Christ and when turned upside down, it becomes a shepherds crook to remind us that He is our shepherd who reaches out to us to reclaim those who have gone astray(something I have done in my walk of faith more than a time or two).


Liz Ciccone

Not wanting to leave it as it was, he wanted to have a color that would represent the scourging that our Savior took for love of us all and painted it with three red stripes to remind us of the blood Jesus our Lord shed for all of us so we would have eternal life.

As our Savior's birthday fast approaches us all, why not pass this story along as a new Christmas tradition to help us remember why we REALLY celebrate the Christmas holiday, how we can show our Lord and Savior our love and appreciation for all he has given us and

thank him for being who he has been to us all along.....Our Father! 

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