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Human Dignity

But if anyone has the world's goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God's love abide in him? 1 John 3:17

Life Question: How Important Is Our Dignity?

I attended my fourth year of JRLC Conference for Day On The Hill earlier this year.

For those who are first time visitors to Soul Conversations, JRLC(Joint Religious

Legislative Coalition)Conference for Day On The Hill, is a yearly conference that brings representatives from the three biggest religions(Jewish, Christian and Muslim)

together with our district representatives to discuss various issues important to our

communities in Minnesota and its surrounding areas. This year's leader of the Opening Prayer was given by Most Rev. John M. LeVoir, Bishop of the Diocese of  New Ulm. 

This years Keynote Speaker was Ms. Joan Rosenhauer of Catholic Relief

Serivces, Baltimore, MD. This year's topic was what we are all entitled 

to.....Dignity. So what is it we mean by dignity? Dignity is defined in the following

way--the state of or quality of being worthy of honor or respect. The dignity of all

is guided by three basic, but important, principles:




All of which when practiced in a meaningful, Holy Spirit guided way, promotes:

*Social Justice 



Stewardship in faith traditions also is a good step forward in bringing dignity to 

those men, women and children who find themselves disenfranchised, forgotten, persecuted for their faith, or, as many others find themselves, poverty stricken. 

Making common sense decisions by our leaders in power that bring about change

for the common good of all through seeking guidance and discernment through

prayer for the needs and concerns of others is also important to restoring dignity 

to those who feel shame in whatever circumstances they find themselves in.  

The message over 800 were left with after the Conference was this:

Putting faith at the forefront of the decision-making process is what will guide us

to make righteous decision that do more than just give lobbyists what they need,

more than just the desires of our legislators goals for themselves to be fulfilled, putting faith at the forefront of the decision making process will provide a clearer

perspective on how we can as a nation and a world bring equality, peace, social 

justice and dignity to all!

The Holy Bible is much more than just a "really cool storybook" it is God's written 

instruction manual for how we are to live, conduct ourselves, treat each, treat 

every part of His creation, handle our finances and the values we are to have as

His children and pass them on to the generation after us. If we are to restore 

peace, dignity, equality, love for one another, compassion for all and comfort 

for those who need we must look to God in our decision making process so that 

we know through following His instructions, we can do right and justly by all those 

who are a part of His creation.

May you be well and blessed in the Lord!


Liz Ciccone

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