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Is Poetry Relevant?

A question? Is poetry relevant in one's life?


Poetry is the sharer of emotions and feelings, it is the

threaded needle that weaves people together from wherever they are and whatever their background.

Poetry is the describer of lands near and far away,

it fills our mind's eyes with the sights of cities, countries

and states opening them to a world outside of our own.

It's the catalyst encouraging the explorer.

When one is so overwhelmed with joy, it's the parchment used

to send our happy messages with the ones we love and who love us.

In times of grief and sorrow, it is the hug that keeps us from

too far away from ourselves, it's the empath that understands

what we are feeling, it's the strength that picks

us up when we fall.

In our walk of faith, it is our conduit through which God communicates to us, and for those who write poetry, it is

Is poetry relevant? Ask yourself, is human connection?



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