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Malatya Murders: Six Years Later

You shall not kill. Exodus 20:13



Life Question: Would we be able to forgive?



April 18th 2007 began like any other work day at Zirve Publishing House,

until five Turkish youths, then aged 19 or 20, entered the publishing house

and tied up its three employees German citizen Tillman Geske and two Turks

Necati Aydin and Ugur Yuksel

and slit their throats. Though the five were arrested and confessed to this

horrific act, none of them were charge with the crime due to authorities

dragging their feet in obtaining a conviction.

Turkish nationalists--the main force behind Christian persecution in the

country--are unique in the sense that, while they are for secularism(a 

doctrine that rejects religion and religious considerations)they do not accept

non-Muslims as Turkish.

This incident has left me asking the following questions:

*In the span of all these years how have the families of the

victims been able to cope, or even to move on?

*Looking at this from a writer's point of view, the slitting of the throats

of the three victims to me, is symbolic of an unwillingness to allow

for the expression of oneself as an individual. What can we do to prevent

such incidents from recurring?

*What lessons can we learn from this?

As of today, the murders remain unsolved, though the judiciary, at

present, is still navigating through the case today. The families have yet

to see justice for their loved ones who lost their lives in such horrific


We need to keep the families and children of the victims of this crime

in our hearts and prayers.



Liz Ciccone

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