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Memorial Day

Greater love has no one than this, that someone down his life for his

friends. John 15:13



Life Question: Have you thanked a soldier today?




As we all know, yesterday was Memorial Day. A day for people

to grill outdoors, have a picnic, or some celebration of the kind.

For friends and family of our fallen servicemen and women, it's

a time of great sadness for those whose family members didn't

make it back. It's a time too, to rejoice for and thank those who

made it back! We must not miss an opportunity to shake the hand

of, or hug a soldier and thank them for the freedoms we have today!

They deserve our respect and recognition for the sacrifices they have

made: Time away from friends and family, time away from their jobs,

missed holidays and other special day, not being able to communicate

with loved ones on a regular basis etc.

Sacrifice is only part of the job.

What they've seen, gone through and endured leaves scars on some

that will never heal, leaves images in their minds that will never go

away, leaves them physically injured needing therapy and leaves them

wondering, 'where do I go from here?'

Let's remember them not just on Memorial Day, but always.

Let's also not forget those human rights acitvists and lawyers

around the world in restricted and hostile nations who have

also fought for, and in many cases, sacrificed their own lives and

freedom to protect the rights of its citizens around the world.

To all of you who fought, and continue to fight for our freedoms

and the freedoms of others.....THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!!!!!!



Liz Ciccone

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