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National Day of Prayer

"He will call upon me, and I will answer him;

I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him

and honor him." says the Lord Psalm 91:15

Life Question: Why Should We Pray?

Those of you who've visited Soul Conversations may have 

noticed something a bit different going on....we've been

posting prayers to recite and share on our blog. Well, there's

a good reason for that.....prayer keeps us grounded in God's

Word and His truth.

I'm the first to admit that I don't always practice what I preach.

In my mind I believe that God doesn't want to hear about my

financial problems, health problems, relationship problems(friends,

family etc) so I don't pray about my concerns. However in not doing

that, I'm also not praying for the needs and concerns for others.

So, you say, "what's the big deal? it's not like it makes a difference 

or anything." That would be an erroneous thought. Prayer helps in

so many ways:

1. It grounds us in God's Word and truth.

2. In reading God's Word we learn that He has a purpose for all

of us. However, we won't know what that purpose is unless we 

seek him out so it will be revealed.

3. Prayer is a compass that keeps us from straying away from 

God's purpose and plan for us.

4. Prayer helps us to acquire self-discipline.

5. Prayer enables us to discern truth from error through asking 

God to open our hearts, minds and ears to His voice first, before

we seek it from elsewhere.

6. Prayer is the way to build a bond with God and His Son so 

that we won't feel alone, anxious or afraid. Instead we will feel

empowered, confident and know to whom we belong.

7. Prayer is opening the door to Jesus and saying to Him,

"Come in, I need you, I've waited so long for this day with You!"

Those are the thoughts that went through my mind with the neurosurgery

I had March 31st of this year. Praise God it was caught early! The truth is 

though, I didn't know if I could go through it again. This surgery was a partial 

shunt revision, granted, but the thought of going through it again was 

frustrating to say the least. The last surgery was rough, I didn't fully recover

from that one. 

This time around, was scary for me too. How would it go? Would this happen 

again? What can be expected? All good questions. Still, God was the one

I talked to first before being wheeled off to surgery. After meeting with the

neurosurgeon from being in recovery, I asked him "how many times will I 

go through this procedure? To which the surgeon said, "Unfortunately, many

scientific advances have been made, but shunts are not among them. They 

are still the same as they were years ago. All I can tell you is to go home after

recovery and have a happy life."

Not exactly the answer I was wanting to hear, but after going through this  experience yet again, God has shown me that I am strong through His power

I can endure through His power and I will overcome because of His power. 

I want for all of those who visit this site to feel the same way. That's why we will 

continue posting prayers to recite and share with whoever needs them. There is 

power in prayer! God is waiting to hear yours!


Liz Ciccone

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