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No Resolutions, Just One Pledge

I will sing on loyalty and justice to you O Lord, I will sing. I will study the way

that is blameless, when shall I attain it. Psalm 101





Life Question: Will you pledge your life to God, not just for the year, but for the rest of

your life?





"I resolve to lose weight this year," "I resolve to be more organized," "I resolve to be more patient with people," and the list of resolutions goes on and on and on. After a couple of months, the upholding of our resolutions goes by the wayside.

Why is this? It 's because we have not asked for help from the Ultimate Life coach.....Our   Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!

God will never leave us nor forsake us, God will not ask for money before helping us out.  God will not ask for us

simple, HE LOVES US! He wants us to have the best life in him that only he can provide, but he can't give us what we need

IS UNIMPORTANT! There is a psalm, chapter, verse or parable for any and every situation we are faced with

So let's PLEDGE TOGETHER, NOT RESOLVE to give whatever it is we need to God and His Son and let Him



Liz Ciccone

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