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Obstacles On Our Lenten Journey

Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ. Then, I will know that you stand firm in one spirit, contending as one for the faith of the gospel. Philipians 1:2



Sorry for the delay in writing my next blog post, I have been enveloped in my Lenten journey.  What a journey it's been thus far.

In the steps of my journey I have found both blessings

and persecution, persecution that comes from strangers as well as from those closest to me.  When I set out on this Lenten journey of sacrifice, spiritual growth and growing in my relationship with my Father,

I didn't expect persecution to be a part of it, but along the way, it has touched me in painful ways. Why are you giving up meat?

Why are you giving up t.v.?

Why are you giving up sweets?


YOU'RE PROTESTANT! You are not taking your religious commitment seriously if you are! Those who were my TRUE FRIENDS however, gave me encouragement to stay on my journey.

As my wise choir direct once told us, "an obstacle is what you see when you take you eyes off the goal."

Yes, there will be obstacles to face in our relationship with God, but no matter what those obstacles are, you have the True God that will get you through them.

No matter how you spend this time of prayer, sacrifice and spiritual growth, don't let others impede what God is doing during this time in your life.

Blessings, Liz Ciccone




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