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Prayer Discipleship

Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you

the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

Life Question:  Why Is Prayer Important?

What shall we talk about tonight?? How about the changes many of you

noticed as you come, and continue to visit Soul Conversations website!

As you may have noticed, I changed the layout a bit to make the site more

user friendly for all who come and see what's new. Thought that the new 

style would be easier to read and access for all of you who wish to purchase

books and to see the new look of the books, as I have changed companies

that put the books together! Hope you like their new look! There is also the 

added page Ruby's Reading Recommendations! Hope she's been helpful

in letting you all know what the best books are!

Now for I think the best change of the site, the Today's Prayers and 

Tonight's Evening Prayer postings.....which brings me to the title of this

blog post.

Discipleship and Mentorship is a very important part of my life. Discipleship and 

mentorship is what keeps us on God's path for all our lives. No matter what religion

we are,it's what helps us as believers to:

1. Have a relationship with God and agrees with his will.

2. We are commanded to pray. Prayer is the way we ask

for instruction from God.

3. The disciples of Jesus are our role models(as others are role models for

other religions)for prayer.

4. Prayer accomplishes God's will on earth.

5. Through prayer, we learn to live a life dependent

on God's Will for us.

6. Prayer allows us to seek God's assistance in our lives and the lives

of others.

It is with these principles in mind, that Soul Conversations has decided to

be more interactive in its blogging. Rather than just blogging about subjects

or topics Soul Conversations would like for all its viewers and readers to recite

and share its prayers with whomever you wish to uplift anyone who needs it during

the day and to bring peace to those who need it at night. Soul Conversations

is about more than just book sales, we want to bring people of all races, religions,

locations and cultures together through prayer sharing!.....Ruby and I, Liz Ciccone

hope that all of you like the look of the new Soul Conversations layout and hope you 

will join us in unison voice to pray for one another! Draw near to God and he will

draw near to you as he has promised in his word!


Liz Ciccone

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