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Prayer For Honesty Day(Based on Proverbs 12:22)

Prayer For Honesty Day(Based on Proverbs 12:22)Recite and Share

Light of the World,

In this world in which we reside, made up of half-truths,

lies by omission and white lies, fill us with strength of

character to be one in honesty toward each other.

In this world of those who prey on the vulnerable, let

Your light show us the trueness of our fellow humans

so that we can see around the dark corners.

In this world of those who us their charisma for evil

purposes, reveal their lying tongues to us so that we

will not be misled, but empowered, to set ourselves

free from being taken advantage of by relying on

Your truth and wisdom in our communicaations

with others.

In Jesus Name,


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