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Prayers For Today and Tomorrow

Today's Prayer(Based on 1 Corinthians 1:9)

Author And Finisher Of Our Faith,

With Your voice you call out out to us,

With Your heart you reach out to ours,

With Your arms you welcome us into 

your open door.

Thank you Lord for welcoming us into your presence,

For giving us a chance to know you, 

For giving us Your Light that blots out the darkness

in our lives

And for being an Encourager to us when we needed one.

In Jesus Name We Pray,


Tonight's Prayer

Author And Finisher Of Our Faith,

You lay out a path for our lives, but 

obstacles are thrown in our way of 

the blessings you have for us.

Instead of looking to You, and looking

past our obstacles, we focus on the what's

block us from you.

Help keep us focused on you and our path 

you laid out for us, keep us on task and don't 

allow anyone or anything to keep us from 

our journey, our blessing and our covenant 

with you.

In Jesus Name We Pray,


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