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Today they came together. For a long time for me, this day represented loss, grief and disconnection from life as well

as my emotions.

A young man whom I love very much was called Home four months

after graduating in 1990. He was nineteen. Depression ravaged not only his heart, but his spirit. A struggle I know only too well myself.

Kindred Spirit(a name I refer to him as out of respect for his family)was my first love, my only love. Kindred Spirit was someone you didn't quickly forget. He had a sweetness and gentleness about him that you didn't come across very often(it is rare to find that.) We often knew what each other was thinking before even saying what

was on our minds and often finished each other's sentences throughout our childhood and into our teens. As kids, we played together often, while our parents played card games. We also shared a love of astronomy(We loved the stars. The Dippers in particular).

As we approached our teens we stayed in contact mostly by seeing

each other in school. Even though our lives got busier, I noticed that things weren't right with him. Intervening on his behalf twice. I watched him graduate hoping and praying that he would be ok. A year and four months later in 1990, God called him Home.

My life had not just changed, but stopped. Two people died on this

day, one whose spirit went Home to God and mine which in large part, went with him. He was the one who made me feel alive, feel like I mattered and made me feel like I belonged. His absense from my life left me feeling very lost and alone.

This started me on an eleven years journey of recovery, discovery and the realization that one's connection to the one they love doesn't end with death, but transcends it to a higher spiritual level.

'Inspirit' tells the story.    Blessings, Liz Ciccone

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