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Soul Conversations 100TPC Event For The Persecuted

Sorry I have been absent from my site for so long, 

had to have a time to calm my mind and thoughts 

before starting up again. I realize that All Soul's Day 

was yesterday, however, it's not to late to take the time

to remember those who went before us. 

This prayer and one other, will also be added to start 

Soul Conversations 100ThousandPoetsForChange event following this 

blog post.

And so it begins.....

Prayer For All Soul's Day

(Based on Psalm 23:3)


We come together on this day to remember 

the loved ones of ours You called home.

We do not come together to mourn their passing,

But to rejoice in celebration, their new life with You.

In bringing them home, you renewed their spirits,

You healed what ailed their bodies,

You freed them from their fractured emotions

and gave them a life of renewal

in their spirits, 

in their bodies,

in their souls.

Thank you Lord Jesus for their renewed life in You,

Thank you for taking them into your care,

Thank you for renewing their spirits.

We ask only that you bring to our minds the joys 

we had with them, the lessons they taught us and 

the legacy that they left for us to carry on.


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