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Soul Conversations Goes Youtube!

God is faithful, by whom you were called

into fellowship with Jesus Christ. 1 Corinthians 1:9



Life Question: What Would You Like To Know About Me?




Soul Conversations and its founder Liz Ciccone have brought comfort and inspiration to many over the years through book signings and author appearances. Now it's taking its ministry, discipleship and raising awareness about our persecuted brothers and sisters to Youtube!

As Jesus and His disciples did in their day, traveling long distances to preach and spread the gospel, "It's important that I follow in the steps

of Jesus and His disciples and bring Soul Conversations ministry to all of

you on a more personal level giving you the chance to hear from me

directly."says Liz Ciccone

"Life goes by so quick that it suprises me we're not all wearing track

shoes to keep up with it!"

God, on the other hand, has His own pace. He wants us to take our time with him so we can know him, his will for us and can be a blessing to each other. The following Soul Conversations videos present a wonderful opportunity for all its visitors to get to know more about Liz, its ministry and discipleship, not only with its literature, but with the persecuted church:


*April 17, 2013 Excerpt from Soul Conversations 'Inspirit'


*Soul Conversations April 25, 2013


*May 2, 2013 Soul Conversations International Day of Prayer


*May 8, 2013 Soul Conversations Birthday Greeting


*May 28, 2013 Soul Conversations Memorial Day Message


*Soul Conversations Fourth of July Celebration


Soul Conversations encourages all who watch these videos to share them

with your friends, family or anyone needing inspiration or comfort or just wants

to know more about the work we do. Please do share your thoughts and positivity! There are many more videos to come in the very near future!




Liz Ciccone



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