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The Psalms--Praise Through Prayer

For in him we live and move and exist. As some of our own poets have said, "we are

his offspring. Acts 17:28

Life Question: What does God teach us through his poetry?

So.....have you been enjoying your Poetry Month? How have you been celebrating it? Poetry readings? Contests? Holding a Poetry Discussion?

So.....who have you chose to read about or focus on? Whitman? Milton? Poe? Shakespeare?

Did you know God is a poet as well?

There are five poetic books of the bible: 

*The Psalms--Talks about praise through prayer

*Song of Solomon--Bliss through union

*Job--Blessing through suffering

*Ecclesiastes--Verity through vanity

*The Proverbs--Prudence through precept

As we read these five examples of the poetic books of the bible,

we see that God uses poetry in each section to teach us a different

set of lessons we can apply and use in our lives. 

The poets I mentioned before have used their poetry to enrich our lives 

and impart wisdom to us who share the world with them. Now we go to 

the origin of this wisdom and enrichment.....God. To see how he inspired

these talented writers of our time to touch and inspire us through examining

the first book I go to every morning for prayer.....The Psalms.

The are ten specific ways in which The Psalms teach us that God can help 

us in whatever situation we find ourselves, they are:

*Follow the Lord!--God watches over us. Psalm 1

*Starting a New Life with God!--Psalm 101 We declare ourselves his followers.

*Baa!--Psalm 23 God loves us sheep.

*Sniff!--Psalms 42 and 43 As we stifle sobs, we seek God. 

*Forgiven!--Psalm 51 God creates clean hearts. 

*Help!--Psalm 55 and Psalm 3 God protects me when my friend betrays me.

*Hear Me!--Psalm 88 God listens when I feel helpless.

*Make Noise!--Psalm 100, 101

*Wonderfully Made!--Psalm 139, 111

*Celebrate!--Psalm 150 Everything that breathes can praise God.

For the time we have left of this Poetry Month, I invite you to walk, not run, 

through the Book of Psalms and digest the passages provided and tell me 

afterwords how these passages of God's Word have blessed your life, how 

they've perhaps given you a different perception of the world and people 

around you, how they have changed the way you approach a relationship

with God as a whole.


Liz Ciccone

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