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Today and Tonight Prayers for Sunday

Today and Tonight's Prayers For Sunday

Today's Prayer(Based on 1 Corinthians 12:5)


We want to be a good, obedient and faithful servants 

for you. Though, we don't always know how to best go 

about it. Sometimes the ways in which we go about it

are misguided, because we believe we are doing the 

right thing, in the end. It turns out not the way we 


Teach us what being good, obedient and faithful 

servants to you looks like and teach us to follow Your 


In Jesus Name We Pray,



Tonight's Prayer(Galatians 5:13)


We do not want to be sinful before Your eyes. We want

to do right in Your sight. We need your Spirit to enfold us,

cover us and guide us. We need your voice to speak to 

our hearts, minds and souls so we are not lead astray.

Speak to us!

In Jesus Name We Pray, 


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