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Today's and Tonight's Prayers

Today's Prayer(Based on Matthew 9:29)RECITE AND SHARE!

Lord of Glory,

For those of us who lack faith, and for us who struggle

with our faith. We ask you to come into our hearts,

whisper in our ears that are empty of your voice,

place your holy hands over our eyes and through 

your divine power show us what true faith can do

when we follow the words of Your mouth and lead

by Your example. Be the voice leading us to faith 

in You and our steps that walk in faith with you.

In Jesus Name We Pray,



Tonight's Prayer(1 Thessalonians 5:18)RECITE AND SHARE!

Lord of Glory,

It's easy for us to rejoice in happy circumstances, but when

times are tougher, we find it much more difficult to see Your

Light in times of difficulty. Teach us the importance of both 

through the Light of Your Holy Spirit. That we may find comfort

in you in our time of trial.

In Jesus Name,


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