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Today's Prayer(Based on

Today's Prayer(Based on Luke 12:15)Recite and Share!

Mighty God,

Thank you for our breath of life you gave us,

Hearts that beat in steady rhythm,

Eyes that look to you for guidance,

Ears that listen for Your voice to direct our steps

and hands to reach out to others in order to 

lead them into Your holy light.

In Jesus Name We Pray,



Tonight's Prayer

Mighty God,

Thank You for all we have.

Thank You for teaching us that who we are is not 

wrapped up in the abundance of our possessions,

for those are things we cannot take with us.

Instead we thank you for what we can take with 

us through the reading and committing of Your 

Word to our hearts.

A spirit of love, kindness, compassion, self-discipline,

concern for others, knowing what is right in your sight,

doing what is right in your sight and spreading Your Light

out into the world.

In Jesus Name We Pray,


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