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Today's Prayer(Based on Philippians 2:2)

Today's Prayer(Based on Philippians 2:2)Recite and Share!

Lord of Glory,

This world You created has a rhythm that

we as believers at times, do not understand.

We look for the logic and reason behind why 

you created the different animals, sea creatures

and plants You did, instead of taking time to appreciate

why they exist and live among us.

The same is true for how we look at each other.

We dissect each other trying in vain to understand

why we should be in unity, instead of coming together

in unity to learn about each other through Your eyes and 

Your heart. instead of our own.

We ask your forgiveness and ask that you will walk beside

us as we seek unity with each other through Your 

teachings and wisdom. For by doing this we will come to 

a place of appreciation of each other.

In Jesus Name We Pray,


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