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Today's Prayer(Based on Psalm 95:2-3)

Today's Prayer(Based on Psalm 95:2-3)

Everlasting Father,

We come before you with music and songs of thanksgiving

and praise for all you have done for us, for all that you are,

for the lessons we have learned from You and passed on 

to those who needed to know it.

We praise and thank you for our breath of life you gave

us, our hands to reach out to others in sharing of what 

we learned from Your Word and being the feet that 

leads others out of their darkness and into Your Light.

In Jesus Name We Pray,



Tonight's Prayer(Based on Psalm 107:9)

Everlasting Father,

When we are hungry, we hit the fridge in the hope

of finding something to fill what leaves us empty, we

eat it, but find ourselves strangely unsatisfied with our

choice. We forget Lord, that you are the only one who 

can fill what is left unsatisfied in our souls. Teach us the

kind of mindfulness that helps us to distinguish our physical

hunger for food, from the lack of nourishment we have

spent away from Your Word.

In Jesus Name We Pray,



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