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Walk for the Persecuted

Your word , O Lord, is a lamp to my feet and a

light for my path. Psalm 119:105




Life Question: Will you walk with Soul Conversations?




Soul Conversations hosted it's first annual 'Walk for the Persecuted'

in Red Wing, MN last year. A modest gathering made the Walk a great

success! This year for its second annual walking event, it has spread

the word around the world via Youtube to get it going GLOBAL!

This Walk is a more than just a way to bring awareness to the plight

of our persecuted brothers and sisters and the human rights advocates

and lawyers who defend them, it's also a symbolic event. By walking

for our persecuted brothers and sisters and those who defend them,

we are showing our solidarity in asking for their freedom, their right

to live in peace, their right to feel secure and for their human rights

advocates and lawyers to be able to perform their duties without


Persecution effects all aspects of their lives. They are denied employment,

education, housing(or their homes are burned down), they are attacked,

murdered, leaving their families to wonder what will become of them.

Their possessions are often confiscated and destroyed.

Their advocates and lawyers are often jailed, disbarred or even killed for

their defense of them because the work they do for their clients is seen as

acting against their countries national security.

I know you are saying, "We have so many other things to worry about,

why should we care about this?"

Well, let me put this in perspective. We can have all the fame, money,

 possessions, friends, family and prestige we want, but if we don't have

our faith, we have nothing. Our faith, our individuality, the things,

that make us who we are, are what is left that we can take with us.

THAT is why we need to come together for this event! Will YOU walk

with Soul Conversations??



Liz Ciccone









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