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Welcome Ruby Rya!

The Lord is good to all and his mercy is over all

that he has made. Psalm 145:9




Life Question: What Can Our Pets Teach Us About God?




Hi to all Soul Conversations visitors and customers! I am finally back from my two

month long hiatus!  It's been a very active two months for me, as I have been spending

time with the new addition to the 9 year chocolate Chihuahua

Ruby Rya!  I have been wanting a dog for the last three years, so from time to time

I would stop down to the Humane Society in Red Wing, MN and look at all the dogs

trying to find 'the one' for me. Turns out though, 'the one' for me picked me!

My sister Holly and I had gone to the Humane Society and on that particular day

we walked up and down staring into the cages at all the dogs. The majority of them

were jumping up and down almost as if to say to us "PICK ME! PICK ME!" but two

smaller dogs a white one and a miniature chocolate Chihuahua were sitting completely

still in there cages cowering.

Something drew me to Ruby(Argula was the name the Humane Society gave her.

I changed it. Who names an animal a vegetable?!) When I made my way back to

her cage, she was pacing nervously because of all the activity by the other dogs,

my sister and I stopped and visited for a few more minutes before leaving. She looked

at us with such a sad expression in her eyes, that in hurt me to leave her there.

The following day, my sister and I returned to again visit Arugula, (now named Ruby)

to find her sitting in the middle of her cage shaking like leaf amongst all the barking dogs.

Placing my hand in her bowl of food, I put some in my hand and slowly stretched it out

to her.....she started eating from my hand! I knew then that God had brought me to her.

As I got up with sister to go sign papers to bring her home, she placed her front paws

on the cage and cried and whined. GOD WANTED HER TO HAVE A HOME! Three

days later, I brought her home!

So what does this have to do with the life question posed above?? LOTS! I wholeheartedly believe, and won't be convinced otherwise, that our pets we love as our own HAVE SOULS! They want so much to be with us, I want to please us, they nothing more

than to be loved and cared for and cared about. Make no mistake about it, when we hurt,

they feel it, when we're happy, so are they and when we have to leave them behind, they

cry like little furry children.

A pet's love is unconditional, a pet lives in the moment, in every moment with us.

Ruby Rya has brought much joy in my life that was missing for a long time. I take

her as many places as I can with me, I walk EVERYWHERE with her, I bring her

with me to book signings and Voice of the Martyrs events. People love her! She

sits with me when I pray and even when I read scripture. She's even attended

Centering Prayer with me too! She been a great inspiration to me. She came

from a puppy mill-hoarder house, so it's been wonderful to see her blossom and

grow with people all over again. She's an example of what's possible when we

learn to trust in God! She's also been a great comforter. God sends

us angels.....sometimes they are covered in fur!



Liz Ciccone

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