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What Stops Us From Keeping Our Eyes On Jesus?

"Lord, if it's you," Peter replied, "tell me to come to you

on the water." Matthew 14:28

Life Question: What Will It Take For You To Walk On The Water

With Jesus Christ?

"An obstacle is what you see when you take your eyes off the goal."

Of all the things I learned and remembered from my high school days,

this, by far, is the most memorable. This quote comes from my former

choir director at a time when we were going to be participating in

the Missota Music Festival. During this time we were needing to know

cold the verses to 'Praise to the Lord', and whoever did not, could not

attend the Festival.

Over the following weeks I, along with the rest of the students practiced

our hearts out and all managed to pass with flying colors when tested on

knowing this piece of music. Then came the true test.....The Missota Music

Festival in Northfield, MN.

Now, as you had read before in this blog, it was not until 2004 that I

became a Christian, so even though Peter had a boat to sit in, I had

nowhere to sit because I had not yet trusted and believed in Jesus!

So where is this story going? Like Peter who, to his credit, got out on the

water and came to Jesus(and started sinking because he took his eyes

off him and

I was so sick


conviction in

Can you think of a time in your lives when you were like Jesus' disciples and

were afraid to venture out of whatever boat you found yourselves in? What

did you do? Did you do as Peter did or were you like the other disciples

and sat in the boat watching to see what would happen?

Through the power of Jesus we have peace, through the power of Jesus

we have eternal life, through the power of Jesus we have salvation, Through

the power of Jesus we have the strength, power and knowledge we need

at the right time we need it, to complete what it is he asks of us! Is that an

awesome revelation or what?? All we need to do is trust in Him and take

our first step. No matter if you already follow Jesus, or you are struggling in

your faith or you do not know Him at all. Just ask him into your heart, your

life, your world and trust in Him to help you to walk toward Him as he did

to the disciples.....on the water.


Liz Ciccone

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