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Without The Crucifixion: Part ll

Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since

as members of one body you were called to peace.

Colossians 3:15

Life Question: Without the Crucifixion, would there be peace?

In Part 2 of Soul Conversations continuation of 'Without the Crucifixion'

we look at Matthew 10:34-36 telling us about the sword that would pit

father against son, daughter against her mother, daughter-in-law against

her mother-in-law. Even today there is division among neighbors, friends

and even co-workers. The sword being the division between these groups

of people with their belief, or lack of belief in Jesus Christ.

What must it have been like to live during that time as a believer of Jesus

among family and friends? Neighbors even?

Those who followed Him endured horrific abuse and torture, they endured

mocking and ridicule from all who knew them.  So why did they continue to

follow Him instead of just leaving Him?  They knew something about Jesus Christ

their unbelieving loved ones did not.....

That true lasting peace can only rest in a relationship with Jesus Christ.  The world

gives us limited peace, but the peace Jesus gives us is LIMITLESS!!!

We have peace with and in Jesus Christ when:

1) We claim him as our Lord and Savior.

2) We entrust our lives COMPLETELY to Him.

3) We realize and understand that he has a plan for every one of us and all

we need to do is let Him work in our lives to show us what that plan is.

4) We read His Word that reveals to us the promises that he has for our lives.

5) We take our broken, imperfect selves and let him make us new again.

In closing, I invite all of us to meditate on these points as we continue to

ponder what peace we would experience 'Without the Crucifixion.


Liz Ciccone

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