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Excerpt From Soul Conversations 2007 Book

Excerpt From Soul Conversations 2007 Book,

"You Have To Do This" As a part of Poetry Month

The Untaken

Little Empath

Still perched in her Messenger's lap,

sat quietly running her fingers up and down

the inside covers of the book

An ear-piercing wind stirred from nowhere

It deafened the Little One

Her guides were unaffected

She covered her ears

Her little body shook uncontrollably

from fear

Her guides looked on as a hole formed

feet from where they sat

The three paths that were before them

just moments before,

Were swallowed by

The Untaken

It left only a select few footprints behind

Light emerged from this darkness,

Followed by a familiar face,


She spent much time inside 

The Untaken

Now coming forward to help the little one


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