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Today's and Tonight's Prayers For Tomorrow

Today's Prayer(Based On 1 Peter 5:7)

Great Jehovah,

We come before You in humility. Wanting nothing. We come

seeking a quiet place to hear Your voice guiding us to a renewal

of mind, body and spirit. We come to You in repentance, for 

all the times we didn't listen to You and seek to make a new 

covenant with you, that at this journey's end, we will be 

instilled with a spirit of power.

In Jesus Name We Pray,



Tonight's Prayer(Based on Jeremiah 2912)

Great Jehovah,

We call to You to lead us through this time of 

meditation and time of trial. Temptation's 

footsteps are upon us as we continue through

the woods. We ask for your continuing guidance 

and direction so as not to be lead astray at the

hands of our enemy.

In Jesus Name We Pray,


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