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Today's Prayer(based on Colossians 3:12)

Today's Prayer(based on Colossians 3:12)Recite and Share!

Father God,

As one of your chose people, holy and dearly loved,

I sometimes neglect to clothe myself with compassion 

and kindness, leaving those to feel like they don't matter.

Most often it is because I am too wrapped up in my own 


I ask of you to restore my kindness and compassion

that has gone astray so that my openness to others

will grow.

The world has become a preoccupied with itself forgetting

why it's here, to do your will. I ask of you bring me to my 

knees in humility and gentleness in you and toward others.

Lastly, in a world full of "I WANT IT NOW!" teach me to 

be patient in you and not as the world defines it. 

In Jesus Name,


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